Wavesense keynote blood glucose monitoring system – fast and accurate.

Blood glucose monitoring systems are a necessity to diabetics to be in control of their diabetes. There are several manufactures of blood glucose meters who offer a wide range of monitoring systems. Among the popular ones is the Wavesense keynote blood monitoring system from AgaMatrix. They are high quality monitoring systems that provide world class features and accuracy in testing. It is the only meter that uses the WaveSense technology.

WaveSense keynote blood glucose monitoring system

It is a very easy and compact, virtually painless tester. It uses WaveSense which is a suite of digital signal processing and Dynamic ElectroChemistry technologies. The advantage it offers is the superior performance for biosensors. In simple words the WaveSense technology enables Keynote meter to give you extremely accurate results. The meter is extremely simple and very user friendly. There backlit display feature enable you to read in darkness also. The user interface is easy to understand at a glance. You can get your previous result simply with a push of a button. The test results are available in as little as 3 to 4 seconds yet highly accurate. The system also enables alternate site testing on palms and forearm giving your sore finger some time to rest.

The meter comes with ergonomic rubber grips and feet which gives you an easy grip and ensure that they do not slip out of your hands. It is among the smallest meters in the market. You need not feel burdened to carry it around wherever you go. You can easily carry it in your purse or pockets. This ensures that you do not avoid testing just because you cannot carry the meter to any place. There is also an alarm system for 6 reminders so that you would not forget testing times. If you are at office, school or are traveling, you can discreetly carryout the tests as per the schedule. As you test you can see the blood enter the test strip with a small sample size of 0.5 micro liters.

The memory capacity is to store about 300 test results with time and date. It provides you 14, 30 and 90 day averages. There is an automatic mealtime average that enable you to tract the readings throughout the day. There is automatic marking provided for the control solution for more accuracy. The well thought out safety features ensure there is lesser chance for confusion. The units are pre-set and cannot be changed by accident. There is also user an alarm you can set for hypoglycemic and hyperglycemic indicators. The double redundant power supply ensure maximum safety of results.
The data management has been made simple. The Zero-click system is easy and has been designed for use of professionals and diabetics. Efforts have been taken to get maximum input from endocrinologists, diabetes educators and diabetics themselves. The software design is complete with all sort of reports generated to help you notice the pattern and trends of your glucose levels over a period of time.

Generally the Wavesense Keynote blood glucose monitoring system includes the meter with batteries, 10 lancets, the Keynote control solution, lancing device, clear AST lancing device cap, owner’s booklet or reference guide and a carrying case. You can now be assured of getting accurate results and keep track of your diabetes and ensure you are in control.

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Explore a bit and find what is new in blood glucose testing kits

There are million of diabetics around the world. Home glucose monitoring has been a boon to many for regular testing of the blood glucose levels. Manufactures like Roche and Bayer who came up with their handy meters around 1882 have been continuously involved in improving blood glucose meters over the years. From the finger prick systems now we even have the non invasive ones that have made life easy for diabetics. A look at what is new in blood glucose testing kits would show you that there have been serious efforts to make glucose testing safe, quick, easy and painless.

New in blood glucose testing kits

Those suffering from Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes may have to take blood glucose tests at least 2 to 3 times a day. Now this can cost quite a bit. In addition the finger prick can be troublesome too when done so many times. If you consider the current costs involved, if a patients tests 3 to 4 times a day, that would mean spending about $4 or more on test strips per day. There is always the probability of contamination or mistake in testing that can lead to use of extra test strips. That, in turn means higher costs.

The advances in meter designs have reduced discomfort to a large extent. Though many people do not mind the occasional finger prick, there is surely a discomfort that may come due to regular use. The meters now have alternative testing site options too, like forearms, thighs, etc. However, amongst all these, what counts is the accuracy, speed and affordability of meters. Accurate meters means you spend less on retesting. There are meters like New Optimum from Abbott laboratories that shows results in as less as 5 seconds. Another factor of concern is the sample size. Now you have meters that require as little as 0.5 to 0.6 micro liter blood sample. The Ascensia Breeze 2 has a great feature. It comes with a disc that facilitates 10 tests without having to change the strip. No coding is required making it error free. Handling becomes easy and individually sealed strips, ensures extended life. There is a test meter from Accu-chek, called Compact plus which comes with preloaded drum of 17 test strips. There is no need for individual strip handling. There is a feature where you can customize depth setting to match your skin type and avoid nerve contact.

What if we can have testing without pricking the finger? Well, we have new meters that are of the non invasive type. Infrared technology is being seen as a great alternative to develop non invasive blood glucose meters. These meters like GlucoWatch are doing a great job at alerting patients to impending dangers and that too during sleep hours. However, efforts are on to make them more accurate as some inaccuracy is seen in night time results. Yet these meters are good to provide timely results to avoid complications.

There are many new things being designed and introduced to your blood glucose testing kits. It has made testing easier and safer with high accuracy and speed. You just need to explore a bit to find what is new and what would be suitable to your needs.

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Adorn your walls with fine feminine art with the help of women posters

If you want the walls of your home to reflect good taste without going over the top then you should adorn your walls with fine feminine art with the help of women posters. These posters provide a homely and artistic touch to each wall of your home as well as compel people to appreciate feminine beauty in a truly artistic way.

Even a simple painting or photo of a woman is known to fascinate men and women all around the globe. This is amply illustrated by the Mona Lisa painted by Leonardo Da Vinci in the 16th Century. While you might not be able to buy or afford original paintings of women by famous artists you can still turn your home into a chic art gallery dedicated to women by buying posters that are printed reproductions of paintings and photos based on the theme of women.

You might have certainly seen racy posters of women used as a door poster in the rooms of young teens. You can choose between sober photos and prints of women-based posters or even opt for erotic posters of women based on your artistic inclinations. However, you should certainly remember to choose sober posters of women if there are children in your home or if most of your visitors are in the lower age bracket.

You can also opt for women posters about women that you admire in real life. This could be women movie stars, singers, sports stars, etc. You will surely find such posters under the heading of movie posters, sports posters, music posters, band posters or simply under the heading of women in select online poster stores. You should make it a point to browse through various online stores since you will be able to compare different types of posters including their sizes, prices, and the type of frames offered on such posters to truly turn each wall of your home into reverence to classy framed art.

Most women posters will certainly act as motivational posters or inspirational posters as you too try to emulate your favorite woman, especially if you are a young girl or a woman yourself. Men too are sure to appreciate a chic art print poster featuring a woman painted or clicked under perfect light conditions. While posters and prints are also available in online stores without any frames, you should opt for framed posters since the topic of women will achieve the right level of maturity and style only when they are enclosed in matching wooden frames that enhance the ambiance of your home. You are sure to have a tough time choosing between thousands of posters on sale that are based on women and you can slowly build up an impressive collection of such posters that are sure to be the topic of any party that you organize in your classy home.

Women have intrigued painters, photographers and viewers alike since centuries and you too can now embark on a collection of posters based on women that is not only eye-catching but also affordable at the same time. You can embellish the walls of your home with posters of women that fascinate, motivate and activate you into making positive changes in your life. The walls of your home will truly be covered with fine feminine art when you opt for stunning women posters for your home.

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Number of children with type 2 diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic condition where the body is not able to produce insulin that is required to process the sugar content in the blood. The high sugar levels causes’ conditions like diabetes Type 1 and Type 2. Number of children suffering from Type 2 diabetes is increasing at an alarming rate giving very less time for parents to figure out if their children are living a safe life. Type 2 diabetes is a disease where in the body produces insulin but fails to respond to the same. It is quite sad to see young children living a traumatic life due to diabetes. As per the research 95 percent of children suffering from diabetes are suffering from Type 2 diabetes.

Majority of the children suffering from diabetes have at least one parent with a diabetic history. Other than genetics, today’s lifestyle, food habits and lack of physical exercise are the main causes of children falling prey to this dreadful disease. According to experts and doctors the main reason for children developing Type 2 diabetes is obesity and excessive fat present in the body. The extra fat present in the body makes it difficult for the body to absorb the sugar thus letting it stay in the blood. This increases the sugar level and the child starts suffering from Type 2 diabetes.

Although the technology is advancing at a fast pace it is taking a toll on our bodies. Call it negligence or hectic life; one hardly bothers to pay attention to his or her health. Nutritional diets being replaced by junk and friend foods, children are stuffing their stomachs with ingredients that give a boost to diabetes. With television becoming the major source of entertainment, you find very few teens and children taking interest in playing outdoors. The rate of children playing outside or indulging in physical activities has dropped like never before contributing to the rapid increase in cases of Type 2 diabetes.

Apart from diet and habits, geographical location also plays an important role in children developing Type 2 diabetes. According to research conducted by several scientific bodies, Native Americans, Asians, African Americans, Mexican Americans and Pacific Islanders have a high chance of developing Type 2 diabetes. The chances of a child suffering from Type 2 diabetes are higher if there is even one family member with a diabetic history.

Type 2 diabetes generally does not show any signs or symptoms. However certain conditions like frequent urination, excessive thirst, and tiredness are sure giveaways. Parents tend to ignore these signs mistaking them to be part of growing up. However, if your child is showing any of these signs, it is time you got his/her blood test done. Changing lifestyle has also contributed to numerous children getting affected with Type 2 diabetes. It is in the interest of the child that parents wise up before it’s too late. A healthy lifestyle is the best thing you can ever gift your child to help him/her lead a stress free life.

The number of children with Type 2 diabetes can be reduced if precautionary measures are taken on time. Let’s all fight Type 2 diabetes and help our child lead a healthy and happy life.

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Ladbrokes has some fantastic promotions this Summer

Ladbrokes has some fantastic promotions to kick start a beautiful summer and to help celebrate the start of The Euros. Please see below for more details on LadbrokesTop Promotions in June.


Ladbrokes Casino Slots Championship

To mark the start of The Euros, Ladbrokes Casino will be kicking off its own big summer tournament: The Ladbrokes Casino Slots Championship.

The Slots Championship will commence on the 8th June with the winning slot being crowned champion after the final on the 1st July 2012.
The Slots Championship follows the same format as The Euros with 16 of our best slots being placed into 4 qualifying groups. From then on a turnover race will decide the winners of each round, the top two slots will progress from each qualifying group and into the knockout stages and fight it out until we crown our champion.

Customers can take part in this promotion by depositing and playing on any of the slot games involved in the tournament.

The breakdown for each round is as follows:

Group Stages – To enter, customers must deposit and spend £20 or more
The customer with the highest turnover during each of the Group phases will receive £500 cash and 50 randomly selected customers will also receive a £15 bonus.

Quarter Finals – To enter, customers must deposit and spend £40 or more
The customer with the highest turnover during each of the Group phases will receive £750 cash and 50 randomly selected customers will also receive a £25 bonus.

Semi Finals – To enter, customers must deposit and spend £50 or more
The customer with the highest turnover during each of the Group phases will receive £1000 cash and 50 randomly selected customers will also receive a £30 bonus.

The Final – To enter, customers must deposit and spend £100 or more
The customer with the highest turnover during each of the Group phases will receive £2000 cash and 50 randomly selected customers will also receive a £45 bonus.

This promotion is valid for the following territories UK, Ireland, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Thailand and Spain. If you need more information content or images please do not hesitate to get in touch.

A great way for new players to play the Ladbrokes Casino Slots Championship is to claim the 100% match bonus up to £500 (or equivalant). Please see details below.

Option 1
£5 – £50 100% match – play your bonus on all games. Just 20x turnover.
Option 2
£51 – £250 100% match – play your bonus on all games. Just 30x turnover
Option 3
£251 – £500 100% match – play your bonus on all games. Just 20X turnover

Go To Promotion Bonus Page



Ladbrokes is giving away £2.5 million worth of prizes to be won in cash. This will be separated over 9 prize draws, 10 slots over £38,000 of cash prizes.

All you have to do is spend £10 on the game of the week; shown in the table below, and you will automatically receive an entry ticket into the prize draw to win thousands of cash prizes each week, ranging from £25 to £25,000.

The 300% match (spend £10 get £30) welcome bonus continues, this also includes 1000 Laddies Loyalty Points for any new customer.

Best of Luck!

Recreate history on your walls with ww1 posters

If you are interested in the history of wars or had an ancestor that fought valiantly in World War 1 or belong to a country that was involved in the First World War then you can recreate history on your walls with ww1 posters. You can surely tell a visual story with posters that display various aspects of world war 1 to each viewer that enters your home.

Whether you love the weapons used in the First World War, the battles fought in various regions of the world during the war, the types of equipment such as tanks, planes, ships, etc used in the war, or love the heroes that fought bravely in that war, you are sure to find a poster that recreates the war through powerful visuals. You can seek out posters related to that war under war posters, propaganda posters, vintage posters, map posters, memorabilia posters, or even under the war section of film posters and movie posters.

These posters will truly seem like re-enactments when you mount crystal-clear photos on paper or impressive reproductions of paintings in canvas print form on the walls of your home. You can also hang up famous quotes made by politicians or generals that were in the midst of spearheading assaults on their enemies during the war. If you are a young teenager interested in joining the armed forces and serving for your country then these posters can surely act as inspirational posters or motivational posters and for others these posters can serve up a message of the importance of peace on earth. Either way, these posters are sure to impress each visitor to your home and will surely spark the topic of war whenever guests visit your home.

You can visit specific sites that offer free posters on war that need to be downloaded on to your pc or laptop before you can print them out and frame them. However, if you do not have a printer to print huge posters or any poster maker software program then an easier option is to simply purchase framed ww1 posters that catch your keen eye on select websites. You can now easily mount those posters on the dull walls of your home and allow the posters to tell their own story through images to any viewer that observes them.

World War 1 resulted in the loss of millions of lives that also resulted in tragedy for surviving members of those families. However, this war also ignited hope amongst survivors to get back on their feet. You too can pay homage to these brave people by displaying their posters on your walls so as to tell the story of their bravery in a visual manner. Several soldiers that sacrificed their lives for their countries can also find their rightful place on your walls. You can allot a particular theme to each room of your home so as to applaud your heroes in those trying times every time you stand in front of those posters.

Any war is truly horrible and images that have been captured during those wars can serve up memories and lessons for future generations. You too can revive memories of the 1st world war by mounting posters from those times on your walls even as you recreate history on your walls with ww1 posters.

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Mini lessons for children with diabetes

Diabetes is among the most common disease that is found in a majority of children around the world. Helping children deal with diabetes is quite a task and thus parents need to come up with mini lessons for children with diabetes to help them cope with the condition. Diabetes is a dreadful disease that can take a toll on your child’s life if proper medication is ignored. Mini lessons for children with diabetes will help them understand the importance of taking care of few things and thus keep a check on the disease.

Diabetes being a harmful disease with no cure requires much attention and care. Children affected with diabetes at a tender age are traumatized and to help them deal with this disease mini lessons are necessary. By giving them mini lessons, you are helping them battle diabetes and encouraging them to live a healthy life. Mini lessons does not mean you give them special talks every day, but teach them how to protect themselves from the ill effects of diabetes.

Mini lessons for children with diabetes can be given through games or books. There are quite few good books available in the market that has diabetic children playing the main character. Reading these books will encourage the depressed kids who can now learn to live life with fun. This can go a long way in helping them achieve their goals as they learn that they are not different from the rest of the kids. There are some DVD’s on the same subject too. By watching the videos they will learn that they are not alone facing this problem and will understand that handling diabetes is not all that difficult.

You can also ask children with diabetes to form a group and play games or do extra curricular activities once or twice a week. During these sessions you can urge them to play games that have questions and answers on diabetes. This will help them learn to tackle the problem through games which they are more likely to remember. Making the lessons fun and easy is the best way to teach a child how to deal diabetes.

As per research conducted by the American Association of diabetes; obesity and low physical activity are a major cause in the ever increasing rate of diabetes amongst children. Today’s children are more interested in watching television than playing outdoors and hence the lack of physical activity. Also nutritional diet is replaced by junk and fried food which has aggravated the problem. Wrong diet is another major reason why children and teens are suffering from diabetes. With mini lessons children can learn the importance of a healthy diet and an exercise regimen.

Today there are several children who are fighting Type 1 diabetes and poor financial conditions is going to make the matters worse. Many families can not afford regular medical interventions, treatments and equipments that help keep diabetes in control. In such situations only mini lessons and healthy habits can help these children battle diabetes.

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Recipes for low fat diets for diabetes

Effective and proper management of diabetes is a result of a proper diet. Such a diet plan provides a balanced diet with plenty of fiber but restricted low sugar foods. This also assists in loss of weight, improving blood sugar levels and decreasing risks of diseases generally associated with diabetes like heart strokes, diseases of kidneys, blood pressure etc.

There are two type of diabetes that generally affects people, Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes generally affects children in adolescence, and Type 2 diabetes which is more common form of diabetes usually affecting persons over the age of 40. Improper management of diabetes results in frequent urination, fatigue, thirst and possibly blurred vision in the short run. However, the effects of the disease in the longer run poses risks for heart diseases, problems of the kidneys, visual and other disorders.

Diet is a powerful medium to preventing and reversing diabetes. The past approach to diabetes management was limited on restricting refined sugars, and other foods that release sugars into the blood stream during digestion like starches, fruits etc. With a reduction in carbohydrates in the diet, the diet may include excess quantities of fats and proteins. Therefore, patients of kidney diseases must limit fat intake, especially saturated fats, and limit protein consumption. The higher the fat amounts in the diet, the longer the time insulin requires in getting glucose into the blood stream.

Physical activity in form of exercise plays a vital role in management of diabetes. Exercising daily and regularly assists in reducing the administration of insulin injections or oral medications especially in persons affected with type 2 diabetes. Such persons can reduce (and even eliminate) medications when they reduce weight.

A low fat diet is an excellent means to prevent heart attack, stroke, and diabetes. However, mere elimination or reduction of all fat will not provide heart friendly health benefits. A diabetic diet plan should not be taken as a punishment and must not be a rigid and restrictive menu. It is instead, management of diabetes and lifestyle that balances moderation and healthy nutritional food choices.

Knowledge about calculation of quantities of carbohydrate and other important food factors like fiber intake etc is necessary for proper control of blood glucose levels.

People with diabetes must closely monitor their dietary intake, quantities consumed, and frequency of eating. Carbohydrate consumption during diabetes need not be given up. Infact foods high in dietary carbohydrates like sugar, starchy foods like potatoes, whole grain foods like breads and cereals dairy products and fruits and vegetables are recommended to be consumed as these foods contain nutrients that are vital for good health. However, sizes of these foods should be watched and controlled and regular exercises must be done to counterbalance their effects. Reduction and control of weight, giving up smoking and avoiding alcohol is beneficial for diabetics.

Diabetics would do well to use alternative methods to frying, such as steaming, grilling or roasting. Using low fat dairy products such as skimmed milk, low fat cheese, lean meat, poultry, fish two to three times a week and reduced consumption of ice cream, potato chips, nuts and processed foods also help a great deal.

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Get inspired every day with ww2 posters in your home

If you love the history of wars and are particularly passionate about the events that transpired during the second world war then you can get inspired every day with ww2 posters in your home. These posters are available at very reasonable rates and you can turn your passion into works of visual art that will truly impress like-minded friends that step into your home.

World War 2 erupted in 1939 when Germany, under the rule of Adolf Hitler started to aggressively invade neighboring countries and was resisted by countries such as Poland, France and Britain. However, the war soon spread all across the globe as various countries picked their sides in the war and attacked enemy countries with all their might. The war ended in 1945 with the deaths of around 50 million people including Adolf Hitler himself, and the defeat of Germany and its allies. The entire war was also captured in photos and paintings that could easily adorn the walls of your home if you are a true war aficionado.

You can choose from a wide range of topics connected to World War 2 that have been converted into visual works of art such as those related to famous world leaders at that time, brave Generals and other army personnel, war equipment such as fighter planes, ships, landing boats, tanks, or other types of equipment or events that fascinates you. You can choose between black and white or color posters that literally make the events in that poster jump right at any viewer that happens to stand in front of it.

Instead of wasting time and energy in seeking out poster stores that might only have a limited number of posters that in turn might not be able to satiate your hunger for posters related to World War II, you can simply visit online poster stores and choose from a wide range of fantastic ww2 posters at a click of a few buttons on your mouse. Most websites offer such posters under categories such as war posters followed by sub-categories such as memorabilia posters, vintage posters, propaganda posters, inspirational posters, motivational posters, map posters and even under film posters or movie posters for movies that were based on that horrific war.

Again, instead of simply choosing a tiny poster and using it as an unimpressive wall poster or door poster, you can spend a little more and go in for a large-sized framed poster that will surely stun anyone stepping in that room. Your blank wall will truly turn into an inspiration for many including yourself when you mount an impressive framed poster that sends out a compelling message through sharp images. You can opt for an art print poster so as to receive a work of framed art that provides a positive impact on all those viewing that poster in a very cost-effective way. You can also opt for paintings or canvas prints although these will cost more than printed posters.

World War 2 was truly a horrific war that should encourage people to extract only positive influences from the events that transpired during those trying times. If you want to learn all about the war in a visual manner as well as allow others to do the same then you should mount framed posters on the walls of your home so as to remain inspired with such ww2 posters with each passing day.

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Know what are the first signs of diabetes to be able to start timely treatment.

Diabetes is a serious health issue for millions around the world. While some are already aware of it, there are many who may not have noticed it as yet. Diabetes is a very deceptive disease. You may have diabetes and find no warning signs at all. It can lead to several other complications if it goes unnoticed. There are a few signs or symptoms that may warn you about diabetes. You may be curious by now to know, what are the first signs of diabetes?

There are three types of diabetes, Type 1 or juvenile onset diabetes, Type 2 that affects anyone and gestational diabetes which is caused during pregnancy. Though each type has its unique set of symptoms and signs there are a few signs that may ring the warning bells for you. Among the first signs is the urge to urinate frequently. It may be the first sign that says that your blood sugar levels are way too high. This happens because your body is pulling body fluids to balance the high blood sugar levels. This leads to the bladder getting full and thus causing frequent urination to remove the excess amounts from your system. You may notice that you need to urinate frequently when you eat foods with high sugar content like soda and desserts.

Similarly, you may start to feel thirstier than you normally do. This happens as you start losing fluids faster. The water from the cells gets drawn out and they get dehydrated and send signals of thirst to the brain. You feel thirstier than normal as the fluids you are losing need to be replaced. Moreover, as the body is unable to use glucose as energy the body signals for more food intake. You start feeling hungry frequently. Diabetics suffering from the Type 1 variety will also notice that in spite of consumption of sufficient food there is unexplained weight loss. This is because the body is unable to use the energy and to satisfy the energy needs starts breaking down the fat and tissues.

If you are feeling tired than usual it may be the result of energy not being transferred successfully where it is needed in the body. The body cells use energy from sugar to carry out daily operations and muscle movements. Diabetes, or even pre-diabetes condition, can make you feel drained of energy. There is always the feeling of tiredness and fatigue. Some of you may also feel drowsy and sleepy at odd times of the day.

Diabetes if undetected causes physical and neurological problems like blurred vision, itchy skin etc. You may also notice other early signs of diabetes like delayed healing of bruises and cuts. This happens as the immune system is affected by diabetes. Similarly there is an increased itchiness or a feeling of dry skin. Blurred vision is also a sign of diabetes as it causes macular degeneration. Excessive glucose in the blood also causes a tingling sensation or numbness of the extremities. However, these neurological signs are seen very late as diabetes progresses.

If you notice any of these first signs of diabetes and are not sure whether you are suffering from it, then you should immediately consult a doctor. There is a simple test to help detect diabetes. Timely treatment will help you to bring it under control and stay healthier.

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