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Understand when to test blood glucose so that you remain always in control

Normally for diabetics the doctor or the diabetes educator would advice on a schedule when to test blood glucose levels. It could be early morning, before and after meals. It could also be before going to bed or even in the middle of the night. The aim of undertaking blood glucose test at different times […]


Buy glucose meters keeping in mind effect of vitamin C on blood glucose testing

Blood glucose testing at home helps keep track of the glucose levels at specific times. This is necessary to ensure that you are within the normal range. If not then you need to immediately take measures like medication and diet control to ensure that you come within the normal range. Some food supplements like Vitamin […]


What does low carbohydrate diet contain?

You find different types of food products labeled as ‘low carb’ or ‘net carb’ in the market. Generally we assume that these are food products containing low amount of carbohydrates. This information is not enough especially if you are a diabetic and are looking for low carbohydrate food products. You need to be aware about […]